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We offer online room design packages. Simply select one of the interior design packages you want according to the room size and your needs. It can be a room in your house, an office or your airbnb house.  If you are looking for contactless, unique, budget-friendly and fast solutions, this service is for you. Purchase the package that suits you most and let's start designing process right now!

Online Design

Here on this page you can find all the answers you're looking for. You can see our professional team members, what our design packages include, what our clients said about us and what our company do. If you have more questions, please look at F.A.Q. page. If you still have questions after you read the frequently asked questions, feel free to contact us via our contact form. We are looking forward to work with you!

What We Do?

Haos Design Architecture is an Istanbul-Based company, provides full worldwide services to its clients with a professional, dynamic, and innovative team. We are motivated by the enthusiasm of working on creative, sustainable, minimalist and systematic architectural projects. With our online design packages, we pledge affordable prices for our top-quality premium design service to anyone in the world, regardless of your location or your budget.

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Tiny Haos | Tiny House Builder

Tiny Haos, one of the leading companies of the Tiny House movement in Turkey, which has entered our lives as portable houses, combining minimalism and the philosophy of free living, is always at your service with our professional staff and technical team consisting of architects-interior architects who are experts in their fields.

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Painting Wall

Sample Projects


We met the haos team about a year ago.  I found them on Instagram without any reference.  Mrs Zulal, Founder of Haos,  immediately returned my message and we signed a great project together.  As a team, they are very disciplined, creative and solution oriented.  We will be working with the haos team again on the project that we will just start now.  If you have a need in subjects such as concept architectural design, interior architecture, tiny house, they are the only address.



I worked with Haos Design to design 2 of our projects in Bozcaada. Zulal took us every step of the way, she really wanted to understand our vision but also created her own which was absolutely stunning. The entire process was so seamless and easy while I wasn’t present on site. Their team took care of everything from design, to purchasing, to finding contractors and so much more. It was such an incredible experience working with their team and I can’t wait to hire them for another project. I would highly recommend Haos Design to anyone looking to design and build their next home or office.



Since the day we started to look for an apartment to purchase, the first thing in our mind was how to design it and how we set up a payment plan for it. Cause we had almost finished our money for the price of home. And we needed someone to ride us what we wanted with the money we had. Because most part of the designs in our mind were uncommon, partially have newer style but trying to protect simplicity with pastel colours. Most of them needed a manual work. And we needed an experienced designer to organise everything from the material to the staff management which is the hardest part of it. Above all, we were living abroad and someone had to follow up everything continuously, answer all our calls for a small details, set our mind at rest after a painter did what he likes to see in OUR home and solved it smoothly. Yes we found her. And everything was sorted it out perfectly. We got the home in our dreams. And this could not be possible without Haos Design. We are praying for the team as we see almost all the details in our home.



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